Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Balotelli stamp!

If a white player calls a black player...a negro.. he gets an 8 match ban... But If a black player stamps on a white player's head... gets a 4 match ban.. Is it only me?.. I just wish Luis Suarez would have stamped on Evra's head.. He'd be playing tonite.. what a deal!!


  1. Its the racial double standard. How do you think Obama got elected? On AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! He didn't win any election- he got put in the White House by the liberal elite SIMPLY BECAUSE HE'S BLACK. This has been going on for centuries. The blacks don't think they have to do anything but take handouts from the government!

  2. That isn't a double standard.. you cant compare rascism to violonce like that, they are both terrible crimes. Racism is blatant and meant to hurt, this video doesn't prove Balotelli was stomping on another mans head on purpose, and the penalty reflects that.